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Sunday, June 13, 2010

♥ Brand New! ♥ Dionne Blaize - Sistren Strength!

Sometimes, being a female in a male dominated
industry can be difficult.  Some men under estimate
a female's intelligence, strength and resourcefulness.
Because of this, women are supporting each other
in unity.
Dionne Blaize sings about "Sistren Strength"
and support in her newest single!
With lyrics composed to a Soca riddim, Dionne sings:
"My sisters I'm here to tell you I understand your
pain / don't ever think your plans / are going in vain
the Lord is our Shepherd / he will not forsake..."
Dionne goes on to sing that she's been through it
all from the biggest problem down to the small, and
lets ladies know that they will rise to glory so long
as they keep their head up.  Kaboom!
Broadcasting at 320kbps, catch Dionne Blaize's
newest single "Sistren Strength" as well as previously
released chunes here: 

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