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Monday, June 21, 2010

♠ Nicko Rebel Music Presents: ♠ Kali Blaxx - Mama Teachings!

Nicko Rebel, the producer from Florida,
and the man responsible for Shaka Pow's
chune "Life" is back with another production
that I know you and your listeners will appreciate!
Working with Kali Blaxx from Jamaica,
Nicko releases the chune "Mama Teachings"
which I predict will be a radio and mixed
tape hit!
Built to a smooth piano based riddim with
accents of acoustic guitar and subtle drum
pattern, Nicko creates a canvass for Kali
and his lyrics to shine.
Kali describes one of Mama's golden rules
which is to not keep bad company.  He also
goes on to sing:  "blessed is the child who
has his own / me nah no time fih waste mih
ah go fih my own / I ah walk pon a straight
path / with Jah deh by my side an love inna
mih heart / mih caan figet Mama teachings ..."
Broadcasting at 320kbps, catch Nicko Rebel
with Kali Blaxx and the chune "Mama Teachings"

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