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Monday, June 7, 2010

Federation Sound Presents: Bramma - Defend Mi Own!


Federation Sound has moved up the rank and file
in my books as one of the top a top sounds when
it comes to featuring artists on mixed CD's.

Their Lex-I-Con mix featuring Lexx was bananas!
I would even go so far as to say they single handedly
brough Lexx back to life through that mix, but, I
am not here to talk about Lexx, right now it's all
about Bramma!

Dancehall artist Bramma is a younger DJ who has
a style and swagger to him which was brought out 
on the Federation mixed CD.  Because of his new
and young catalogue, Federation cleverly mixes
the artist with classic samples from the Fugees,
Bob Marley, Shabba and a host of others.  The end
result is Bramma sounding like he could open a
show for any of the above artists (with the exception
of brother Bob), and then some.

Federation stars the show just as much as Bramma.
Let me know if you agree after you peep the mix
right here:

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