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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

♥ HOTTTTT New Dancehall! ♥ Ammoye and Rise Ashen - Mad Dem!

Ammoye has done it again!  Hotter than
100 pepper seed's, Ammoye teams with
Rise Ashen (the same Rise Ashen who
remixed Trouble) to complete an album
called 'Haffi Win.'
The album is a nice musical array of Reggae
fused with Dancehall and Roots.  Lyrically,
Ammoye deals with the case wickedly on
all chunes, especially "Mad Dem!"  Whoiii!
Sample the lyrics:  Coca Cola bokkle shape /
ah it ah guh mad yuh / peppa all around mih
back / ah it ah guh mad yuh / spice hot hot
hot hot / ah it ah guh mad yuh / you won't
get another bite...
Now set those lyrics to a pounding beat of
'one, two, three,' and a hyperactive beat per
minute, and you have the recipe for a ridiculously
HOTTTT Dancehall chune froma chick who
rides the riddim tighter than a vice grip (did
I really just say that?!)!  Lawd!
This is a chune you definitely don't want to miss. 
Whether Radio, Dancehall, Club or mixtape,
don't sleep, pause or blink, and don't say I
didn't tell you!
Broadcasting at 320kbps, catch Ammoye
and Rise Ashen with the chune "Mad Dem"
P.S.  As you read this (provided that you're
reading it on June 29th), Ammoye is performing
live in China for international delegates from
around the world!  She will also be performing
at the 3rd Annual Ottawa Reggae Festival.  More
details to come! 

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