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Monday, June 28, 2010

:: ♥ Gather Together! ♥:: Jahbandis - What A Joy!

Almost one month ago, Jahbandis delivered
a reminder message to us saying "Jah Will
Neva Leave."
Today, Jahbandis chants "What A Joy" of
salvation to be in Jah deliverance.  These
words are set to a sweet blend of drumming,
melodic bassline, and emphasis from back
ground singers who help to bring home the
point that Jah's deliverance is a joy!
Deeply spiritual, this chune brings all who
hear it together!  I admit that this chune is
not for Dancehall selectors, however, for those
who know they will have to play for a diverse
audience at some point in time, or for those
who will have to play at a Rastafari gathering,
this chune is a 'must add' to your playlist.
Broadcasting at 320kbps, catch Jahbandis
and their new chune "What A Joy" here:
P.S.  Jahbandis thanks you for all your support.
Since their introduction to the network, they've
performed at the Sierra Nevada Reggae Festival,
and have worked with Don Carlos.  Positive
vibes with more to come!
Jahbandis Crew...

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  1. I love this song! Everyone should buy it on itunes. Support our people, Support our music!