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Sunday, June 27, 2010

♠ Video Update ♠ Director Wayne Benjamin and "Mama Teachings!"

Last week, the chune "Mama Teachings"
was introduced and distributed to the network,
which immediately received great support.
DJ C-Roy from Florida debuted the chune 
on Frantic Friday Fete on WAVS 1170 AM
and totally flattened Florida.  Callers called
in from all parts to give Kali's music great
Sir Daddy D and the team at Reggae 4
was the first to debut the chune in the UK
which had rave reviews, as did Master K
from Ram Jam and the list goes
Wasting no time, Wayne Benjamin from
the video production company Fabrikated
Projex, created a treatment for the video,
assembled his team, and shot the video in
various locations including the beautiful
'Holiday Haven' Hotel and Condo Resorts in
Run Away Bay, St. Ann's, Jamaica (1-876-973-4893).
The video looks good, and will impact Caribbean
television in the coming weeks for sure!
Catch the behind the scenes look at the making
of the video, or download the chune (if you
haven't already) here:

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