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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

♠ HOTTT New Music! ♠ Tifa + King Turbo!

Tifa and ZJ Chrome have a brand new release on the Dancehall EFX riddim which is certified murdah!  Known for her provocative and true lyrics which are always riddled with positive punch lines Tifa drops this especially for the ladies:
yuh ave fih know how fih care it / do exercise / nuh
wear an tear it / nuh give no loose ride!   
The name of the chune is "Good Up" which speaks to the vibes of the chune and the riddim!
Make sure you request the chune from your favourite radio station, in the Dancehall and from mixtape Kings and Queens!

Canada is still developing when it comes to sound systems who qualify to be representatives
on the international stage.  If I am to be totally honest, I would say we have two.  Of those two, one set the foundation for the younger generation and that would be King Turbo!
Born in Scarborough, the sound was the first of the younger generation to have a studio for
voicing dubplates, mixed tapes that reached all corners of the world, and two radio shows.
Both shows are still on the air, one on 89.5 FM and the other on 93.5 FM.  King Turbo was
one of the first sound systems to put Canadian artists on the international map.  Lindo P and
Blessed are just two examples. 
I should also mention that when I decided to leave my practice as a Paralegal in Entertainment Law, King Turbo gave me my first job as their manager.  Believe me, our roots go deep!
So why all the history?  Sometimes it's good to know who you're playing with before you even
start! Spex stopped by our offices this week to personally drop off the latest mixes which show off why they are, and always will be the King!

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