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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Damien Richards 'Blues Rendition.'

One of New York's most soulful alternative artists to sing in the Alternative music genre is Damien Richards.  We've seen him perform acoustically, and with a live band, and each performance has been worthy of all praise received.

Damien's voice carries a connection between the listener, and the message in his lyric, making him one of the best artists we've heard!

Damien will take the stage in New York again for an intimate and interactive performance on December 17th, and will give an update as to what's happening with his career and where he's going as we move into 2011.  If you've never heard of Mr. Richards, that's ok ... you're here now!

Click on the song title below to preview / download one of our favourite songs called "Blues Rendition."  Details about the intimate and interactive are on the flyer.  As always, send us your comments and feedback so we can pass it on to Damien!

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