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Thursday, December 16, 2010

►►► Throwback Thursday! ►►► Agony in the Big Belly!

The dictionary defines Agony as prolonged pain.  Dancehall defines Agony as one of the
hottest riddims to come out of the year 1987!
Produced by King Jammy's the riddim was clearly computerized, and heavily bass driven
with a computer touch.  It featured Admiral Bailey's "Big Belly Man" and the 'boom' chune
which named the riddim, "Agony" by Pinchers!
Back in the days, many women felt that if a manhad a big belly, it meant that he was financially well off, and could provide for her.  This in turn caused many men to want to have a big belly to demonstrate what they have, causing Admiral to DJ about the 'big belly' not in the context of a literal belly, but in the context of having fat pockets! Can you imagine if that was still the standard today?!  Hands down Sky Juice would be the man, and he is!  :)
On another note, I spoke to Pinchers earlier this year, who said that next to "Bandelero," "Agony" was by far his most popular with female fans.  He said they love to hear him balance the lyrics'100% of love she want 100 % of love / no 70 - 30 love / she nuh waan no 50 - 50 love...' with the 'dutty' bassline, and I have to agree!
Broadcasting at 320kbps, catch a few cuts on the Agony riddim produced by King Jammy's
Do Remember!

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