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Sunday, December 12, 2010

♣ HOTTT New Reggae! ♣ Collie Buddz - Holidays!

The Holiday's bring out the best in most people
most of the time, and is an occasion to hear the
best from people again!
Collie Buddz, whom I consider to be one of the
most entertaining younger artists has just released
his newest chune called "Holiday's" which I have
permission to share with you (thanks Pee Wee)!
The title might be a little mis-leading in that it's
called 'Holiday's' but not the 'Christmas' holiday's
so much as it's about needing to take a 'holiday'
to escape the pressures of work, life etc.  Having
said that, this is a perfect chune to play when you
transition between a Reggae set and 'Christmas'
set.  As well, it's a great chune to play period.
Set to a mature Reggae 'come and come een' vibes,
Collie takes us nice and easy as he sings "living
a week to week / Friday come a likkle paycheck / 
9-5 it ain't workign out / so / gotta take a little time
out for myself..."  Trust me, the phone line at the
radio station will be like a Christmas Tree, and the
mixtape listeners will be hitting the back button.
Collie connects the thoughts of the listeners via
Broadcasting at 320kbps and 76 BPM, catch the
HOTTT new Reggae chune from Collie Buddz
called "Holiday's" here and make sure you request
it on your favourite radio station:
Visit Collie online:

Collie is proudly played on:

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