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Thursday, December 2, 2010

►►► Throwback Thursday! ►►► The Princess!

The name Sara (minus the letter 'h' at the end)
is the Hebrew word meaning Princess!  In Dancehall
and Reggae, we have Selector Princess from
Atlanta, and thanks to King Jammy's we have
the riddim called 'Sara!'
Built in 1987, the riddim played primarily off
of the computerized 'trill,' the bassline and the
skank.  Though the riddim was simple, it was
powerful when combined with artists Frankie
Paul, Gregory Isaacs, Leroy Gibbons and
Pinchers.  All artists ensured rub-a-dub in the
dance, especially the basement parties where
walls got 'beat up' when the selector touched
the riddim!
Sample some deadly lyrics from Pinchers
Loving that you're searching for yuh buck up
on dih right young man...
Broadcasting at 320kbps, catch cuts from the
Sara riddim here:
P.S.  If you were just getting to a dance and heard
this bassline beating from outside, you knew you
were in the right place!  :)

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