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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

♣ HOTTT New Dancehall! ♣ King Ali Baba - Don't Play Wid Mi Gyal!

You know the expression 'duppy know who fih frighten?!'  For those of you who are not from Jamaica, it means a person knows who they can mess with from who they can't.
In King Ali Baba's new chune "Don't Play Wid Mi Gyal," the King meets up with a girl
who thinks she can play with him, but before that, the King builds the story with these lyrics:
"Mih drive / inna mih banga an mih lay back /mih nah worry / mih soon caan buy mih Maybach /mih wave / to ah gyal an she ah wave back /mih seh to mihself / tonight me aggo cave dat mih pick har up / tek ar on a ride out / to open sesame / tek har to mih hide out / first thing /mih condom it slide out ..."
What we really respect about the chune is the King's use of lyrics.  If you listen to what he
says at face value, it's just that.  If you apply the double meaning of the lyrics, you quickly
appreciate his mastery of 'double meaning!'
Broadcasting at 320kbps, and 81 BPM, catch King Ali Baba's latest chune "Don't Play Wid
Mih Gyal" here:
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