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Monday, December 6, 2010

♠ HOTTTTT New Dancehall! ♠ Cyborg - Food Fih Share!

As long as man has walked the earth, the one
issue that causes problems is that of greed.
It seems that some men / women can't get
enough of what they have, and want to take
what belongs to others.
Dancehall artist Cyborg has put this theme
to a Dancehall riddim and tells us that he
makes sure that everyone around him gets
food from the pot.  Indirectly, he encourages
listeners to act in the same way.  No one is
left out when tings ah gwaan!
Cyborg's chune "Food Fih Share" is certified
MADDDD.  Pree the punchline: 
From dih food fih share mek it share / nah sell
out none ah mih friends out there / ah Cy to the
borg and you know seh me need it / me nah
follow no fool an get greedy...
Broadcasting at 320kbps, catch the chune
"Food Fih Share" here:
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