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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

♠ HOTTT New Music! ♠ Xyclone

It's Wednesday, technicially termed 'hump day,'and on this day, a preview of things to come!
Dancehall and Hip Hop artist Xyclone droppedby (I've been getting a lot of visits lately) to givea preview of what we can expect from his upcoming album called 'Bi Polar.'
At first, my thought process was 'oh boy, Xy, Icheck fih you an ting, but mih nuh really too sure'bout dih Dancehall AND Hip Hop ting,' and thenhe pressed play which is when my mind changed!
Xyclone is speaking fluently between both genres,and will impress you.  He's taken notes from someof the classic artists, and wrapped a little of theirstyle with his own.  For that reason, he comesup on top!  Of all the levels to be impressed with,Xyclones lyrical level is it!
Click on the link below to sample Xyclone's crossoverHip Hop track called "Kill Da Beat" which featuresRush Dem, Mav & Flow!  You know how we do! 320kbps and 90 BPM!

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