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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Happy Birthday Robert Nesta Marley!

Today would have marked the 66th Birthday of the great Robert Nesta Marley, and today we celebrate his music, his life and his teachings!
There is not one community in any part of the world who doesn't first associate Bob Marley
with Reggae.  His image is the most duplicated image of any Jamaican and is ranked at #8 as
the most earning artist who is no longer with us.
So, what was it about Bob Marley, or rather his music that so many people gravitated to?  In my opinion, it was and is a combination of two factor: 1.  His lyrics.  People of every nationality, from every walk of life could and can relate to every word he sang.  2.  The music.  There is no doubt that when the Wailers came together and put down some heavy roots music, it moved your soul.  Not your ears, or your feet, but your soul which is the reason why, every time you hear Bob's music, it moves you; even being 30 plus years later.
Whether you're in your teens, or you're an elder, today, we can agree on one thing:  Robert Nesta Marley is the King of Reggae.  He was the only one of his kind, and that status will never change.
Pour some liquor, light a candle or chant a psalms.  However you do it, celebrate his life and legacy today.  

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