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Monday, February 28, 2011

CD Review: Etana – Free Expressions

Let us first begin by saying this album is a ‘must buy.’  Now that we’ve said that, here are the reasons why…

If one were to close their eyes and allow Etana’s voice to be their vision, one would clearly see the brightness of life, the freedom of living and the beauty that resides in all of us.  She achieves this through her newest studio album ‘Free Expressions’ which was released on February 7th, 2011.

Staying true to the authentic Reggae expression, Etana paints on the music canvass with songs like “Free” in which she begins, ‘every day I rise on a prayer / that’s all I got to take me through / I know one day I must and I will / free myself from everything that holds me captive ….’  She goes on to paint ‘poverty is a trap, but not for me,’ in the song “Mocking Bird” just as easily as she sings of her beaux on the song “Heart Broken.”

Beyond the shores surrounding her country of birth, Jamaica, the world agrees that Etana’s album is a collection of exceptional musical expression as she is charted at #11 on Billboard’s Reggae Album chart which is echoed by several charts in Europe, North America and the Asia’s.  We can easily see Etana touring the world as a result of ‘Free Expressions.’ 

Giving her fans the very best in all 15 songs on the album, there is one that fans should see as a personal dedication to them which is “I Got You.”  Etana sings:   I remember when I first saw you / I remember your heartbeat too / your smile was so much joy while holding me / I found a new world with you / so happy I got you ….”  This song can be interpreted directly as a girl singing about being in love, and can be extended to mean a singer who’s happy to have fans join her on her musical mission.  Having the hand-clap riff in the song only encourages listeners to clap, thus inviting them to ‘share her world!’

As we gear up for festivals and events around the world, make sure you attend a few with Etana on the stage.  You won’t be disappointed! 

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