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Saturday, February 19, 2011

♠ HOTTT New Dancehall! ♠ Patexx - Sell Me A Pound!

For those who are in the Reggae and Dancehall arena hardcore, you've probably heard the name Patexx and wondered who this person is.  If you haven't heard the name, we'd like to introduce you!
Patexx (Any Day Now) has been around music for quite some time and has been recording singles for various producers across Jamaica.  Last year, Bounty Killer heard about the artist and held a reasoning with him.  That reasoning led to Bounty giving Patexx an endorsement, which opened the door for him to record with and for several top notch producers.
He has two chunes going hard on the road right now.  "Jah Will Never" on the Jah Protect riddim produced by Sekou (Young Veterans) and "Sell Me A Pound" on the Full Size Riddim.  Today, we're going in on "Sell Me A Pound!"
Produced by Neil Road Crusher & Mafia McKoy for Road Crusher Records, Patexx represents for all herbalists around the world when he sings:
'beg yuh / sell me a pound / wedda dih purple /
chocolate or brown / dem ah bring it from country
come a town / dat ah dih high grade sound ...
Mih nuh hype but mih know how fih live dih high
life ...'
The way Patexx handles the riddim, DJ's on the radio and selectors in Dancehall have given this young artist full endorsement, and we have to co-sign on that move!
Click on the song title to hear the chune "Sell Me A Pound."  As always, pass on your feedback so we can forward it to Patexx!

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