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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Kimanda Cunningham Scores 2nd Hit Record!

Produced by DJ Karim for the Stainless Records Imprint, Road Crusher Records recording artist Kimanda Cunningham scores her 2nd international hit record with the song “My Baby!”

Built as a variation to the original Fade Away riddim, Kimanda makes the topic of love her focus whe she sings “mih tell him seh mih love mih love him / nih fraid fih kiss up and hug him / mih hug him / nuh mek nuh girl come take him / nuh mek nug bwoy come violate him / mih rate him …”

Tony Carr from WPFW in the metro DC area says the song is a “perfect blend of classic Reggae music and quality lyrics,” while Blood Preshah from Denver, Colorado says Kimanda is definitely one of his artists to watch.  “I am confident about her success” said the veteran DJ.

The international Reggae community of Radio music presenters agree as Kimanda is enjoying regular radio play in the Netherlands, France, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Kenya, Antigua, the Cayman Islands, the UK, Australia, the US and Canada where DJ Wiz from CHRY 105.5 FM says “my listeners are impressed with what they’ve heard so far!”

“The song speaks to men and what their women feel about them” said Kimanda from rehearsal at the Road Crusher recording studios.  “I just wanted to speak for the ladies with this song!”

Media can preview / download “My Baby” by clicking on the song title below.  For management and booking inquiries, call Neil Road Crusher at 1-876-287-3024.  Media inquiries can be sent to

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