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Monday, February 21, 2011

How To Win A Grammy...

The Grammy's are the only peer-presented award to honor artistic achievement, technical proficiency and overall excellence in the recording industry, without regard to album sales or chart position.
To be nominated for a Grammy, artists must first submit their material for consideration.  This is done by the record label or a member of the recording academy.
Next, submissions are 'screened' by 150 screeners whose job it is to make sure the submissions have been placed in the right category (it has happened in the past that people have submitted their material, and entered the wrong category).
Next, first round ballots are sent to voting members who then cast their ballots.
Next, nominees with the most first round votes pass to the next round where the recording academy votes on the final ballot.
Lastly, the results!
As we are mainly Reggae in nature, we've included the past winners for Best Reggae Album for the past 5 years.  All of the names are familiar, and all artists kept their music 100% Reggae.  Listening to each album exposes an audience to true roots Reggae; no additives, no preservatives which leads me to the punchline:
We need to encourage our younger artists to strive towards the Grammy's, and accolades on that level.  While we are encouraging them, we must remind them to stay true to their roots which is Reggae.  Not Reggae with Hip Hip, or Reggae with R&B, but 100% Reggae.  There is nothing wrong with collaborations, but when collaborations become the 'new' Reggae,
they take themselves out of the running for awards such as these!  They also help to water down and destroy our industry, which in turn leads to festivals not needing 'authentic' Reggae because they can get a watered down version to satisfy the people.  This is also true of stage shows, and most importantly, music being played on the radio.  Believe it or not, the people
want and need the roots!
Here's a look at the past 5 Grammy winners for Best Reggae Album!  Maybe you can guess who'll be nominated for the 2012 season!
For more information on the Grammy's, visit Grammy'
Note:  The download links are not for entire albums, but an individual stand out song from the respective album...


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