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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

♠ HOTTT New Reggae! ♠ Cutty Ranks - Blood Stain!

It is undisputed that Cutty Ranks is a master of Dancehall.  The grit of his voice and the energy in his lyrics make him one of the most respected artists of his era, and an icon by the younger generation.

Mr. Ranks has teamed with Chiney K Productions To give us a new chune called “Blood Stain.”  Originally produced and voiced in 2010, the team has decided to release the chune now, especially with what is happening to people in the world at the hands of politicians and leaders.  This chune connects.

Pree the lyrics:

“Mr. Politician / is this the people dem vote for?
We cannot solve crime wid so-so guns and bullets.
We have to find other solutions / we have to start
From the wheel / go down to the shock / then we
Move to the snapper / then we reach dih sprat /
Dih place hot … “

Catch Cutty Ranks and the chune “Blood Stain” by clicking the song title below.  As always, pass on your feedback so we can pass it on!

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