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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Reggae Cover of an R&B Classic - Tonight!

Chiney K Productions and Star Player Music Group are pleased to share the release of the cover of the classic R&B song "Tonight."
Originally performed by Roberta Flack and Peabo Bryson, the song is done Reggae style by Powerman who has added an addictive Dancehall flavour to the song by adapting the lyrics to include how some couples live in Jamaica.
Sample the lyrics:  "One cut ah butta an a pound
an she still nah run leff Powa / We nuh ave nuh
house / dat ah big an tall tike a towa / but we blessings
always ah showa / ah so we lovin juss ah bloom
like ah flowa / we work together all when pot fih
scowa / thank the most high every minute every
hour / caw good ooman hard fih discova ... " 
After that, the chorus and punch line drops in being
"tonight / I celebrate my love for you ...".
The chune is absolutely fantastic, and one that both Chiney K Productions and Star Player Music Group feel will be a hit record.  Based on the vibes of the chune, we have to say we agree!  It drops right in time for Valentine's Day!
Click below to preview the song.  Make sure you leave your comments and feedback so we can pass it on!

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