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Thursday, October 28, 2010

►►► Throwback Thursday! ►►► Playing in the Playground That's 2 Hard!

As a child I was very troublesome, and the
trouble always came out in the playground!
I always had questions which meant I always
had a story to tell which meant I always had
One day, a classmate asked me a question
about another classmate and I refused to
answer.  Lawd!  Ruption in the sandbox to
the point that teachers had to be called in.
The result, the playground became off limits
to the classmate!
In Dancehall, the Playground riddim is accessible
to all, and featured performances by artists
who later became the best in their genre!
Who could forget Mr. Vegas and "Nike Air,"
the Destiny's Child remix for "No No No" or
Beenie Man's world famous "Sim Simma?!"
Produced by Jeremy Harding in 1997 for his
2 Hard label, the riddim was the highlight of any
dance in any country making the producer one
of the youngest to go international!
Honorebel mentions go to Sean Paul with the
chune "Infiltrate" as well as Admiral T and the
chune "Rapid" where he flows in English and
French.  Maddd!
Broadcasting at 320kbps, catch cuts from the
Playground Riddim here: 
Fast Fact:  Jeremy Harding studied music production
at Toronto's Trebas Institute who rank him as
one of their most accomplished graduates!
This e-mail has been brought to you by:
Kanta!  Check him out here:
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