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Monday, October 4, 2010

Empire ISIS single "Bang Bang" On the Cover Girl Commercial with Drew Barrymore

Congrats to Montreal's Empire Isis whose song "Bang Bang" is being used in Cover Girls new campaign with Drew Barrymore!

Their new campaign for their "5 in 1 make up" products with Drew Barrymore features Empire ISIS new single ''Bang Bang'' produced by Kovas as well as her singing the signature Cover Girl slogan ''Easy  breezy beautiful Cover Girl''. This is a huge accomplishment and proves once again that Empire ISIS music is a worldwide phenomenon, whether it be on TV shows or commercials she literally is a brand new style with her left leaning pop-world-urban anthems.  Cover Girl are known for being cutting edge and representing the everyday woman, naturally a a partnership with ISIS made sense because of the content of her lyrics, life style and philosophy.  You will always catch Empire ISIS promoting being sexy and smart!

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