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Monday, October 11, 2010

Dieselboy - N.V.D. Le Castlevania v. Club Remix (Electronica)

Famous Facers we have a first!  Dieselboy has submitted an electronica track for us to review, which ... well ... ummmm ... is different from the music that normally comes across our desk!

It took a pep talk, and some bravery on our part, but we're ready to share our review!

This track can easily be called "Control" as that's the one word repeated throughout the song.  The high energy of the beat combined with the song's subliminal message encouraging us to let go makes it a definite play in its genre of music.  We can see this / hear this playing at a rave, and can especially hear it  included in the soundtrack of a Matrix style movie, or rave scene in a movie ... maybe even in a video game.

The point is, the song is a good song.  Give in to your temptation, and preview / download the song by clicking the title below, and please, send us your feedback.  Let us know how we did as a first timer reviewing electronic music!

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