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Sunday, October 3, 2010

♠ Certified Blazing Soca! ♠ Busy Signal & Bunji Garlin + Bonus!

Preparations for Trinidad Carnival 2011 is in high
gear.  Revellers are in the gym working out, Mas
camps are getting costumes ready, and Busy
Signal, as well as Bunji Garlin are making sure
both factions have what they need ... Music!
The Ol' Mass Riddim is a Turf Muzik production
and features Busy Signal and Bunji Garlin with
the chunes "Bend Ova" and "Zoom Zoom."
The riddim is heavy with whistles, drum beat and
percussion which is perfect for j'ourvert, and ideal
for those of you who play Soca, or are planning a
Soca mixed CD!
To sweeten today's e-blast, Busy has thrown in
the chune "Gal Bounce" which is certified MAD!
Based on the popular Spanish song "Bon Bon"
by Pitbull, Busy tells girls to 'brace' and bungce
pon dih ting.  Lawd!  The way Busy moves to this
riddim would make you think the riddim was made
just for him!
Broadcasting at 320kbps, catch Busy Signal times
2, and Bunji Garlin here:
P.S.  Busy Signal will be in Europe from October
24th, 2010 to November 13th, 2010.  More

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