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Thursday, October 21, 2010

►►► Throwback Thursday! ►►► Bollywood In The Streetz!

The year was 2002, and the label was Dr. Dre's
Aftermath.  The song was called "Addictive" and
was performed by Truth Hurts featuring Rakim.
It was a Billboard Top 100 hit record and swept
through radio waves like a mighty tidal wave.
The Bollywood riddim was the Dancehall spinoff
to Dr. Dre's production.  Bollywood was produced
by the label In The Streetz, and later became known
as Greensleeves Rhythm Album #30 which featured
Tanya Stephens, Sizzla and Lexx to name a few.
Beenie Man had a number one hit with the chune
"Red Red" in which he sang:  'no gyal caan siddung
pon mih head / if a gyal try dat she d%$# / she
haffi run dih c&&%& red red red....'  Lawd!
This is the kind of riddim that brings back sweet
memories for listeners when its' played.  Given
our new environment of tolerance, some editing
of a few chunes will be necessary if you want to
play this riddim on the radio!
Broadcasting at 320kbps, catch the Bollywood
riddim including the original from Truth Hurts,
and a 2010 version of the riddim with Ne-Yo and
Jermaine Dupree with the chune "One In A Million"


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