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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Empress Minott Releases "Shine"!

If there's anything we know for sure about
nature; no matter how much it rains the day
before, the sun will surely come out the day
after.  Empress Minott sings this point oh
so beautifully in her newest release to the
network called "Shine!"
The best of us and all of us go through difficult
days and times, but through Empress Minott's
chune, she encourages us to keep focused
on tomorrow because tomorrow is better.
Empress sings:  "another day living in the
struggle / no where to go / who we aguh talk
to / playing the role of mommy and daddy /
need the strength to put food on the table /
even though sometimes it seems that there
ain't no hope / but I know that I will never
give up / the sun gone shine for me again...." 
Kaboom!  Combine the lyrics with the beautiful
one drop background, and you have a solid
Broadcasting at 320kbps, catch Empress Minott
and the chune "Shine" here:

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