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Monday, October 4, 2010


Duane Stephenson has been bestowed the honour of being invited by the World Food Program to The George McGovern Leadership Award ceremony for United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Tuesday October 5 in Washington D.C.

Stephenson is being invited to join the WFP’s Board of Directors, US Congressional Committee Members and Special Representative for Global Partnerships in the Office of the Secretary of State, Ambassador Elizabeth Frawley Bagley. At the prestigious event, US Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton, will be presented with The George McGovern Leadership Award for her work in addressing the issue of global hunger. This award is given to individuals who have done stellar work in tackling the issue and Mrs Clinton is the tenth awardee.

Asked how he feels about being in such powerful company, Stephenson says he is humbled and excited at the same time: It's so inspiring to be in the company of global politicians and dedicated corporate partners who share the same values and aspirations to eradicate hunger. Food is a common bond that unites every single life form on this planet, we all require it to live, yet a billion people each night go to bed hungry and 25,000 of them die. The Wailers and I are partners with the World Food Program and our song A Step for Mankind has helped to spread the message of the need for more action in addressing the issue of world hunger”.

Stephenson says his work with the World Food Program will continue as he sees the issue of world hunger as one that is very important to him: “I am happy to be there to see Secretary Clinton get this award as she has helped over the years to bring the problem of world hunger to the fore.  The issue is one that affects a billion of our brothers, sisters and children  in 80 countries. This award will bring added attention and raise awareness of the issue”.

Duane Stephenson is currently touring the US promoting his sophomore album Black Gold which was released on September 28. Black Gold follows Stephenson’s debut album, From August Town which was release by VP Records in 2007 and was hailed as one of that year's best reggae albums.

This new 15-track studio album with 14 original songs sees Stephenson working with legendary reggae producer, Dean Fraser, the mastermind behind the majority of production on Black Gold.

Black Gold encompasses Stephenson's growth mentally, emotionally, and musically. From ballads to roots reggae, his musical skills and heartfelt sentiments on this album will resonate with reggae fans and be sure to gain him new ones. Such is the quality of Black Gold , Steve 'Flash' Juon of raves that “ powerful is his vocal tone and the diaphragm which pushes it out over the microphone that almost every word will make perfect sense to even the most jaded listener who thinks they can't understand Caribbean music...”

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