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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Gappy Ranks – Put The Stereo On!

Gappy Ranks – Put The Stereo On!

August 24th, 2010 marked the release of Gappy Ranks debut album ‘Put The Stereo On’ which acts as proof positive that Gappy is not a one hit wonder, his Reggae roots are as authentic as diamonds from Africa, and his career will last as long as the Rolling Stones.  Gappy Ranks is the truth!

Delivering everything a Reggae lover could want and or need in a CD, Gappy introduces fans to his voice via the chune “Mountain Top,” where he begins with the words “ready long time,” then sings “righteousness chune me ah guh do yuh know / who God bless no man curse / nuff ah dem no waan see dih ghetto yutes dem rise and reach first.…”  His voice, perfectly in sync with the vibe of the riddim, would make you think his lyrics were the first created for the riddim.  It’s hard to believe that a young artist is performing to music tracks that were produced before he was born.

Gappy goes on to sing the familiar chune that made the world stand up and take notice of him, “Heaven in Her Eyes” which is based on Bob Marley’s infamous “Soul Rebel.”  Originally produced by J. Williams, C. Peckings and R. Marley, it’s hard to not imagine the spirit of Mr. Peckings dancing for joy as he listens to Gappy sings with such passion and ‘soul.’

By the time we get to the third song, “Put The Stereo On,” it’s clear that North America and the Caribbean is coming to know what the UK has known for years:  Gappy Ranks is one of the worlds’ leading and outstanding singing sensations.   Unafraid to make his stamp to classic foundation riddims, Gappy can’t be pigeon holed in that genre only as he’s released a parade of singles such as “Money Train” on the 50 Pound Riddim produced by Mafia McKoy for Loud Disturbance Records, as well as “Longtime” featuring Beenie Man, and “Billionaire (Freestyle)” which show off his DJ style, and show that he’s connected to the struggles of the yutes of today.

Coming from a Dominican Mother and a Jamaican Father, Gappy has the best of the Caribbean islands wrapped in his musical and cultural upbringing giving him an appreciation for all of the Caribbean, and the extent of the Caribbean’s influence throughout the world.  “I’ve been able to travel to a lot of countries because of the music” said Gappy in his interview with VP, “because of Reggae I’m able to reach a lot of people and I do it with love!”

If ever there was an album to add to your CD collection, it’s Gappy Ranks ‘Put The Stereo On.’  Every song (all twelve chunes) puts this disk on ‘repeat’ status.  Additional tracks you’ll appreciate are “Pumpkin Belly,” “Musical Girl,” “Rude Boy” and “Soul Rebel” featuring Nerious Joseph.

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