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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunday's Mixtape Madness!

So, we've been slacking in one department
where music is concerned!  We haven't been
giving the Mixtape Kings and Queen's enough
attention on Wednesday's, so today we try to
make up for it!
Kings like Blood Preshah on the Rocksteady
vibes, Kalibandulu Sound on the Dancehall
tip, Natural Vibes with the Lovers Rock
touch, Digital Paul and Bushman with the
90's Culture vibes, Kenny Ranking from
Jahva Sound with the Soca fire and Million
Vibes Sound with the Reggae sweetness round
out the mixtape downloads for today.
Where are the ladies you ask?  Exclusives
will be coming from a few of the industries
best, brightest and most fierce!  Stay tuned!
In the meantime, enjoy Sunday's Mixtape
P.S.  We welcome all mixtapes from all genres,
especially slow jams!  As soon as we get them,
we post them on Myspace in the "Get It" photo
album.  You can also read the reviews from team

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