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Friday, September 24, 2010

T.O.K's Guardian Angel Foundation

The Guardian Angel Foundation was founded by TOK to educate and aid the needs of people knowingly or unknowingly suffering specifically from hypertension and the diseases which come as a result of hypertension. The Foundation was conceptualized by Craigy T (one of the members of the group TOK) after WINNING his personal battle with the condition and more severe conditions which came as a result of prolonged untreated hypertension.

Our Mission Statement 
·         With God before, with and behind us as our support we will actively go out to  identify, educate, empower and assist our brothers and sisters stricken with ailments arising specifically  as a result of hypertension using whatever resources and/or connections that  are available or afforded to us. We will work closely with health care providers, churches and people within various communities to bring about a healthier, prouder, more aware way of living.
The attached song "Lean on me" was done by 20 positive male reggae/dancehall singers and shows the camaraderie and unity needed to bring about positive change in whatever form, and will be the "sound" associated with The Guardian Angel Foundation.

Artistes involved are: TOK, Voicemail, LUST, Gramps Morgan, Tarrus Riley, Dean Frazer, Chris Martin, D-Major, Natel, Omari, Duane Stephenson, Cezar, and introducing Neil Gordon (O'neil's cousin)

Listen with an open mind, ear and heart. Thank you..




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