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Saturday, September 25, 2010

♠ Blazing New Soca! ♠ Shurwayne Winchester - Paparazzi!

Shurwayne Winchester and the SW Limited
family has released one of the most blazing
chunes for this year, and the chune is called
Where do I begin with this chune?  Should I
tell you that this riddim is a 'move or be moved'
vibe?  Should I tell you that I think this chune
will mash up Trinidad Carnival 2011, Caribana
2011, Barbados Crop Over 2011 and Notting Hill
Carnival 2011, or should I tell you how many
awards and honors Shurwayne will pick up for
this and the other chunes he's released this year?
Keeping the fun in Soca, Shurwayne tells us
to not worry about the people watching us as
we jump up, and to definitely not worry about
the Paparazzi as "we on the road jumpin' / as
we on the road jammin' and gettin on bad...!"
Broadcasting at 320kbps, jump up on de road
with Shurwayne Winchester and forget about
the "Paparazzi" here:
P.S.  Goldman Smally - we see you!  :)

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