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Thursday, September 30, 2010

L3 Magazine & Publicity Announcement!

L3 Magazine & Publicity is pleased to announce the appointment of Lisa Davis and Veronique McCuaig to the Publicity and Music Distribution divisions of the company!  

Based in Ottawa, Ontario, Lisa’s extensive background in music, film and television begins with being taught classical piano by Silvia Sweeny, sister of the late Oscar Peterson, and alto saxophone by Saheed Abdul Alkabeer, Saxophonist for the legendary Dizzy Gillespe.  She has walked beside additional greats Miles Davis and Art Blakey to name a few.

Lisa studied acting in New York City at the Meisner School of Film and Television, later appearing in three movies, and cast as the print model for Salem cigarettes.  Building on her background, Lisa’s experience enabled her to develop the visibility of various organizations in Ottawa, and plan events and festivals in multiple genres of music.  Lisa also explored Carnival Arts and Soca music where she developed relationships with key award winning and multi-national touring Soca artists who are known on an international level.  Lisa’s participation in Carnival festivities in Trinidad, Toronto, Miami and New York makes her highly regarded in her field, exceptional in her approach and the ‘go-to’ person in Ottawa.  Lisa can be reached at

Veronique McCuaig heads the French division of L3 Publicity out of Montreal and Gatineau, Quebec and Ottawa, Ontario.  Veronique’s passion for the music industry has lead her to successfully obtain a television and publicity diploma from one of Quebec’s leading schools.  For the past 7 years, she has been recognized as one of the top event organizers, tour promoters and publicists.  Having worked with all sizes of venues, and with independent as well as Grammy award winning artists in all music genres, the industry looks to Veronique as one of the best organizers on Canadian soil.  Veronique’s exceptional relationship with French media in Canada and around the world is second to none.  She is professional to work with and a great addition to the team.  Veronique can be reached at 

Please join L3 Publicity in welcoming these two exceptional ladies to the team, and please add their e-mail addresses to your address book.  You can also send comments and feedback to

Natasha Von Castle
L3 Magazine & Publicity

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