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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

♠ Riddimstream Marketing & Promotions Presents:♠ Kenyatta Fire - Like A Gypsy!

Do you remember that earlier this year I
mentioned that BIG things were going to
happen with Riddimstream Marketing and
Promotions?!  Well, it turns out that what
I saw in my crystal ball is about to come
In addition to music distribution and DJ
promotion, Riddimstream a.k.a. Dolla has
launched a music production and record
label division of his empire, which puts him
in the major of major leagues!  His first
artist, Kenyatta Fire, flowed to his executive
production resulting in the chune "Like A
This uptempo Dancehall blazer combines the
best of Kenyatta's laid back DJ style with a
riddim that reminds listeners of a steady pulse
moving them to the dancefloor.  This chune
is the perfect transition between throwback
riddims such as Pepperseed, Filthy and Nine
Broadcasting at 320kbps, make sure you
catch Kenyatta Fire and the chune "Like A
Gypsy" executive produced by Riddimstream
Marketing & Promotions here:

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