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Friday, July 9, 2010

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday - Today!

My apologies!  I've been away for a few days with
the launch of the Ottawa Reggae Festival, and have
much to catch up on!  I'll begin by sharing a true
In anytown USA, there's a soundsystem called
XYZ Sound.  This sound tried and tried and tried
to get on the hottest dances (they happen to have
some of the hottest selectors), but were constantly
turned down.  Despite the rejection, they soldiered
On day, the head of XYZ Sound said "eff the people
who are not taking us seriously, we'll do our own
They started with small backyard Bar-B-Q's for
family and friends.  They played music and made
sure everyone was entertained, including Granny. 
The one Bar-B-Q led to another family member
asking that they play a wedding.  Not only did they
play the wedding, they made mixed CD's for guests
to enjoy the musical memories from the wedding. 
2 people called them to host Sweet 16 parties as
a result of the wedding.  After the Sweet 16's, they
were booked for a corporate function.  Arriving in
'jacket and tie,' they gave the audience just enough.
Today, they are one of the most sought after sound
systems who come with their own marketing department. 
Today, they get work from every angle (mixtapes,
Bar-B-Q's, Sweet 16's, radio etc.), especially from
record labels who need to break a new artist, or an
artist who's struggling.  This is real talk based on real
Punchline:  recognise your vision, make decisions
to enhance that vision and don't be afraid to start
small.  Even if you think you're at the top, 'small' is
your secure foundation!
HOTTT New Music from Bob Marley ft. Guru,
LL Cool J, Peersonile, Trina and more, plus remixology
from DJ Q and Rob Dinero at the apology link below!
P.S.  I'll get to all e-mails and phone calls etc., in just
a few.  Thanks for letting me know you missed me!  :)


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