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Sunday, July 25, 2010

♠ Sounie Productions Presents ♠: Lt. Brooksie & Khool!

Sounie Productions, a.k.a. the top record
label who produced the Crank It Up Riddim
(which has exceeded 5,000 in DJ downloads),
and the O-Nine Riddim which features artists
Anthony B, Gyptian, Lutan Fyah, Morgan
Heritage and more, has just released a few new
chunes featuring Lt. Brooksie and Khool!
The first two singles from Lt. Brooksie, "Music
Nice" and "Love In Your Eyes" show off the
artists versatility both in vocal style, and lyric
choice.  The more I hear Brooksie, the more
I want to hear!  "Music Nice" is built to a nice
'Pocoman Jam' styled riddim, while "Love In
Your Eyes" is a nice culture lovers rock vibe
Lady Loy from Jamrock radio, Sir Daddy D
from Reggae 4, and DJ Wiz from CHRY
105.5 FM agree that Lt. Brooksie is one of the
artists to watch for the rest of the year and into
next year.
Khool continues to make his mark, this time
freely talking about being in love and "Floating
On A Cloud" proving that gangsta's can feel
love like everyone else!
Broadcasting at 320kbps, catch Lt. Brooksie
and Khool, produced by Sounie Productions 
Lt. Brooksie

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