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Friday, July 16, 2010

►►► Classic Friday! ►►► Man from the Bush!

In Southern Africa, there are a group of indigenous
men called 'bushmen' who are known as being great
hunters and gatherers.  These great men are so
connected with the land, they have provided scientists
with information about Anthropology (the study of
humanity), and genetics (the study of heredity).  
Just as Bushmen are important to world history, is
just as Reggae's Bushman is important to the Reggae
Born Dwight Duncan, Bushman's musical talent was
evident while going to school.  At Yallas High School,
Bushman was a part of the drum core, played the
bass organ, and was a member of the Choir.
In 2000, Bushman got his break where he met Steely
and Cleevie at Arrows studio.  The trio immediately
hit it off producing the chunes "Grow Your Natty"
and "Call Dih Hearse."  The artist also went on to
work with King Jammy's, and Bobby Digital to name
a few producers.
Bushman's impact has been 4 studio albums, and
countless singles on numerous riddims.  He has
travelled the world, has cared for his listeners (via
his lyrics) and continues to be one of the most
sought after artists!
Broadcasting at 320kbps, catch a selection of Bushman
chunes here:
Fast Facts:  Bushman's nickname in High School
was Ark Angel... 

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