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Monday, July 12, 2010

Remembering Lincoln 'Sugar' Minott...

Remembering Sugar Minott…
We will never forget the vibes that filled the room when Sugar Minott’s chune “Good Thing Going” came over the radio waves on Richard Banton’s show ‘Radio Dubplate’ on CHRY 105.5 FM in Toronto, Canada.  It was the kind of vibes that caused the young radio jock to pull up the chune a few times, and caused his co-host, DJ Wiz to advise all men listening to dedicate the chune to their significant other.  It was a cover of Michael Jackson’s 1971 song, but sounded so sweet, we thought it was a brand new chune.  We all sang the chorus with Sugar on a nice ‘rock and come een’ swing as he sang “yes we have a good thing going, my girl and me.”

Today, we mourn this icon’s passing.  He was scheduled to perform with us in Toronto, Canada on May 6th, 2010, but was unable to make it.  Some of his family attended the show, as did several of his fans.  Uncle Jonny, one of Sugar’s protégés, was determined to not let his mentor down and took to the stage, performing his chunes that were produced by Sugar.  The power and impact of Sugar’s legacy was, and is, as bright as the sun as it rises in the morning.
We will miss Sugar.  Though we had an issue, we were able to resolve it and move on.  We did so with respect and manners – Sugar would have it no other way and neither would we.

Today, as we travel along on our journey, we remember the great Lincoln ‘Suga Booga’ Minott.  He taught us in music, and reminds us through his passing, that we have to be good to one another.  Encourage those who need encouragement, promote those who need promotion, and fill the world with positive messages through song.


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