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Sunday, July 18, 2010

♥ HOTTTTT New Dancehall! ♥ Tifa - Nah Stop Shine!

Hate is defined as 'to dislike intensely or passionately.'
If everyone were to be obvious, we would know when
hate is rearing its' ugly head, but 'haters' have found
a way to disguise their true emotions; they do so by
pretending to be your friend, but behind your back
it's a different story.
Dancehall Diva Tifa blazed a HOTTTTT new Dancehall
chune called "Nah Stop Shine" which talks about these
haters, and shuts them up permanently!
Pree dih lyrics:
"All of a sudden everybody gotta problem with me
rising to the top / mih seh all of a sudden everybody
who used to love me don't like me..."  Tifa goes on to
say "Whe dem grudge mih fa / yo ah dat mih really
waan know / caw mih nah see dem when me work an
ah hustle fih mih doe..."  Kaboom!
Tifa doesn't disappoint an inch as she articulates
what many think about some haters.  Why hate?
With air tight lyrics, a certified flow and a HOTTT
Dancehall riddim, Tifa gets this chune 'oh so right!'
Produced by Fedda Weight Music on the Mento
riddim, and broadcasting at 320kbps, and speaking
for me today, catch Tifa's new chune "Nah Stop
P.S.  If I didn't know better, I would swear Dancehall
Diva Tifa somehow got into my head and made a
chune based on my thoughts!


  1. I love Tifa -- She has a crazy nice voice + the face. Oh!

  2. hot...crazy..gone a lead...girl keep it up