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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

CD Review - Friendlyness and the Human Rights

CD Review:  Friendlyness and the Human Rights – One Thing

Toronto based Friendlyness and the Human Rights has released their debut CD titled ‘One Thing’ which is anything but one thing!

The instrumentation used as the back drop for the groups’ ever conscious lyrics makes use of driving riddims spear headed by pulsing baselines, and melodic saxophone treats.  Giving fans 14 tracks, FatHR (Friendlyness and the Human Rights) mixes Reggae with Ska, a splice of Dancehall and a little contemporary. 

For classic Reggae lovers, “Human Rights” featuring TrĂ©son is the albums lead single which speaks of truths and rights for all.  Another favourite on the album is the Ska driven “I Want Her.”  With the simplistic lyrics ‘I want her / she wants me / it’s natural / jah beauty’ FatHR sings an ode that can be used by all men who need a song representing female beauty.  The song suggests that an exploration of woman’s beauty leads to Love.  “Human Vibrations” embraces contemporary over a Reggae-ish riddim while profiling the sounds of a guitar and xylophone.

A must play is “Ganjaman” which plays off the lyrics of Beenie Man’s ‘Ole Dog Like We!’  Switching up the lyrics, FatHR says “well ole ganjaman like me / mih smoke mih spliff dem in ah two’s and tree’s / an everybody know mih high already / believe you me / yuh know seh Friendlyness ah one ganja baby!”  If given a chance, this chune will become an anthem for all people who endorse the vibes elicited from smoking marijuana.

The group is not new to the world of music as they’ve been performing for years, and collectively have over 30 years experience.  Earning the ears of loyal Canadian fans, ‘One Thing’ will guarantee this up and coming group ‘every thing’ which is a legion of world wide fans!

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