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Saturday, October 20, 2012

HOTTT New Music! Sample King – Jam Dung Gangnam Style!

The craze that’s sweeping the world right now is Gangnam Style.  Toronto’s leading Dancehall artist, Sample King has recorded his version of “Jam Dung Gangnam Style” that is sweeping Dancehall’s around the world! 

Shelling parties in Jamaica such as Bembe, and receiving full endorsements by selectors Boom Boom, Harry Hype and Flabba Dabba, Sample King is set to take the international Dancehall scene by storm … again!

This uptempo track is remixed with references to ‘Jam Dung’ has an Asian feel, similar to the original, yet incorporates references to Dancehall culture – really it’s perfectly designed for dancers and dance crews.  So infectious is this chune, I danced to it (I actually went beyond my one-step / two-step and moved my body)!

Broadcasting (((LOUD and CLEAR))), catch Sample King with the chune “Jam Dung Gangnam Style” at the links below!

P.S.  Connect with Team Sample King on Twitter >>> @sampleking | @L3Magazine

***This song is available for download for promotional purposes only!

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