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Wednesday, October 17, 2012


When one embarks on a journey, you always expect some amount of adventure… An open minded approach always makes it so much more interesting.

As for us Dubtonic Kru, the move we made when we decided to Independently start mapping out "The Journey" to further develop their musical career, started as and continues to be a great adventure. "The Journey" 2012 part 2 fell nothing short of that.

With exactly 46 concerts in 42 cities, completed over a period of 9 weeks, traveling over 14,000 driving miles across the country (United States), one can only imagine the level of anticipation, adventure and surprises that's been a part of the experience.

From being billed with and having played alongside some of the Blues legends of Mississippi in the home town of Blues King, BB King, to sharing stage with our counterparts Midnite at the Midwest Reggae fest. The Journey continued to move through popular as well as remote areas of the U.S.

“We journeyed, we slept, we wined and dined, had petty fights but most of all laughed at ourselves,” said the group.

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