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Saturday, October 13, 2012

L3 Magazine - October 2012 Issue

Looking at the front cover of the October, 2012 issue of L3 Magazine you might be tempted to think Black History Month has come early … in a sense it has thanks to the editorial focus of the Team at L3! 

Featuring the images of the three most prominent leaders in Caribbean and African history, Marcus Garvey, Haile Selassie and Dr. EricWilliams are profiled within the continent of Africa as L3 honors the philosophical and spiritual contributions the three great men have given.  Their words, which serve as inspiration for millions around the world, are shared with L3 readers.

Tricia ‘ZJ Sparks’ Spence interviews one of Jamaica’s best song writers and artists, Bugle while Heike Dempster interviews upcoming group Bahama Boyz.  Natasha Von Castle rounds out the mix with an interview with XTM Nation recording artist and Love Rebel, Kayla Bliss.

Additional highlights include a Fashion feature on the iRep Anguilla line, and a tribute to Canadian activist, leader and Caribana founder, Charles Roach.

As always, Music Charts are included this month with a new addition being the Canadian Reggae Chart featuring the beat and brightest Canadian Reggae and Dancehall talent.  The chart is compiled and tabulated by Ron Nelson of Chin 100.7 FM.  Ms. October is Desyray whose beauty has been catputred through the lens of our Centrefold Editor, Jerome Dupont from New Era Photography.

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