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Friday, October 12, 2012

'De Wedding Scamma Guarantees Extreme Laughter

Thanksgiving 2012 in the New York Tri-State area will "tun up" with the return of Irish and Chin's "2 for 1" Theater, featuring two sizzling plays for one low price. While "Roots" theater favorite Shebada leads an all-star cast in "De Wedding Scamma," the legendary actor and comedian Oliver shows who runs things in "Who A Di Don." With "2 for 1" stagings of these hit plays planned for Friday, November 23 (Campus High School East Orange, NJ), Saturday, November 24 (Weaver High school, Hartford, CT) and Sunday, November 25 (York College, Queens, NY), Tri-State theater patrons will be overloaded with laughter, sheer entertainment and a good time for the entire family!
One of the "2 for 1" featured plays, "De Wedding Scamma,' which is written by Michael Denton and directed by Garfield "Bad Bwoy Trevor" Reid has reigned as a "Roots" theater favorite in Jamaica -- boasting sold out stagings and great reviews. The tightly knit, yet quirky cast, holds a vibe both off and on stage. Their undeniable chemistry shines through out the play -- guaranteeing enjoyment for theater fans. In this infectiously funny play, Keith "Shebada" Ramsay is joined by a super talented cast including: Maxwell "Maama Man" Grant, Dainty Bellafantie, Ramona Miller, Etesia Ramsay, Cavin Carty and Richard Stephenson.
Tony London (alternates Carty and Stephenson) and Sandy (Bellafantie) are young and in love. They are planning their nuptials to the great distress and bereavement of Tony's father, Mr. London (Maxwell Grant), who makes no apology about his blatant hatred for his daughter-in-law. And as such Mr. London is openly hostile towards Sandy. Things get very interesting when Keithie (Shebada Ramsay) who is Sandy's brother comes into the mix, bringing along his friend from the country Joycie (alternates, Miller and Etesia).

Keithie, a jack of all trades and ultimate con-master, is asked by his sister to plan her dream wedding; at the same time Joycie is engaging Keithie's services to find her a "rich" bachelor. In the midst of all of this Mr. London is engaging all kinds of powers on earth and beyond to oust the "jezebel," Sandy, from his beloved son's life. In "De Wedding Scamma" all is not bliss because things get topsy-turvy as two plan to say their "I dos" while others work to see that they don't. It goes to show that all is fair in love of heart and love of money.
Don't miss "De Wedding Scamma" and "Who a Di Don" during Irish and Chin's "2 for 1" Theater Weekend. Get tickets today! These plays will sell out in advance. Watch the latest edition of Irish and Chin's "Curtain Call" to get an up close and personal look at the "De Wedding Scamma"!

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