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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Trinidad & Tobago’s Young Talent Takes ‘Coolness’ to the Silver Screen

The upcoming film “The Cool Boys” which will premiere at the 2012 Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival has been generating high anticipation locally, regionally and within the international Caribbean Diaspora.  Mainstream media outlets as well as social network sites have been buzzing with eagerness from film goers and industry insiders about the production that features a youthful cast of budding Caribbean talent.

The Cool Boys explores a young man’s take on the reality around him and his attempt to express how he experiences life at this time. The film stars a combination of new thespians and many familiar faces in the local TV and theatre fraternity such as Aria Geiser, Pauline Mark, Danielle Ryan, Jeanine Lee Kim, Bradley “Young Stunner” Caesar, Anthony Lawrence, Kevin Nathaniel and Carlos Quashe. Also, making their film debut is Sean Padmore, of the local hip hop group Nebula 868 and Soca star Olatunji Yearwood.

Geiser who recently acted in the play “An Echo in the Bone” by Dennis Scott enjoyed her experience working on this film and stated, “They say, if you love the job you do, then you never work a day in your life. That’s how I feel about having worked on “The Cool Boys”. Despite the fact that it was a short and quick production and that there was a constant momentum to be maintained while filming, I personally never found it to get overwhelming”.

Regarding her experience working with director Michael Mooleedhar she shared, “Michael was a wonderful director to work with, for many reasons. One in particular being that he gave the actors a great amount of creative freedom when it came to carving out and fashioning our characters.

Similar to Geiser, Padmore who plays the lead role of Alpha also expressed positive sentiments about his time on the Cool Boys set. “I was a bit nervous as it was my first time but I eventually got comfortable in the environment. I learned a lot from the film and from the other actors, and I got the opportunity to meet people and explore a different side of myself which I never thought I would have enjoyed so much. Michael is a cool guy, he is willing to learn, very humble, and open to advice or criticism”.

Olatunji Yearwood who is the son of the late actress Mairoon Ali is no stranger to performing on stage and enjoyed the new challenge of film acting. “It was something different for me but it was fun and exciting due to the young cast and crew. Michael was excellent in his role as director, he let us bring our own unique vibe to the project, and I’d like to work with him again. The current lead singer of the Rhapsody New Generation band shared that he enjoyed playing the character ‘Wes’ and gained a new appreciation for film actors and all involved in the craft of film making.
He further stated, “I’d really like to be a part of more film projects and carry on the legacy of my mother as well as work with others that I respect in this industry.

Even with a relatively young cast, this film which has a mixture of action, comedy and romance is relevant for a wide cross-section of viewers inclusive of parents, social workers and youths.

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