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Friday, September 21, 2012

Chantelle Ernandez - Gimme What's Mine!

13 tracks for this fusion artist who has skillfully combined her Reggae roots with R&B, Soul and a pinch of Dance sounds here and a dash of Bollywood style there
After a very busy winter and summer season on promotional tour in Europe with Chantelle Ernandez, in Jamaica launching Malijah's album and recording some succulent new tunes for future releases, Reggaeland is happy to finally and officially announce (with a little delay on the online stores that beat us) the release of the much anticipated debut album ofChantelle Ernandez 'Gimme What's Mine'.

As rumors already suggested, this young veteran of the Reggae industry delivered a very colorful piece of work: on the 13 tracks Chantelle has skillfully combined her Reggae roots with an R&B and Soul touch here, a pinch of Dance sounds there and even a dash of Bollywood style, defining herself as a Reggae artist with a Fusion twist.
But it's really also the lyrics that determine the album and the artist. Consciousness and social awareness are taken to their fullest extent through the successful singles 'Reggae Reasoning' and 'If Women World', and the new tunes 'Songs Of Redemption' about the state of things of her beloved Jamaica; 'Take Dem Down', an up-front social condemnation of sex related crimes; 'Love Can Heal The World' a lucid interpretation about the faults of our society; 'The Change'- in combination with Dutch artist Joggo - about the hope for a better world.

Chantelle's sensitive side also emerges from her love tunes as 'Touch', 'You All The Time', 'Sweet Spanish Man', while the title track 'Gimme What's Mine' has a clear reference not only to the content of the song, but also to her expectations regards this album.

Chantelle Ernandez is ready to take over the Jamaican music industry and set a bench-mark for new generations of female artists in a country that has given women scarcely any attention.
Sky is the limit!

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