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Saturday, October 1, 2011

King Ali Baba - Third Eye

Your third eye, as some would say, is your gateway to a higher consciousness. Within that higher consciousness, you have an opportunity to see what you are blind to in your conscious existence, or, you can use your third eye to see things to come.

Some people use meditation to awaken their third eye, some use chanting and others use a combination of both. For a Rasta, and I'm talking a true Rastafarian, the third eye is opened through the consumption of Ganja.

King Ali Baba has just released his new single called "Third Eye." Within the chune, King comments on how 'high' he is. People hearing the chune for the first time may mis-interpret the meaning of being high. In the case of the chune, being high is a metaphor referring to how much King can see now that his third eye has been opened. To solidify this point, the King says:

"What I'm smoking / ain't no joke ting / I'm so high till I can't feel my face / I'm looking through my third eye / I'm so high / I see more than 9 planets...." King also goes on to talk about all the places he visits such as when he says "my body's in Jamaica, but me ah smoke weed as Spain."

King Ali Baba first came to international attention for the chunes "Tippy Wine," "Teenage Lover" and "Life So Nice." He has performed across Europe and is based between London and Jamaica. His music videos continue to enjoy rotation on MTV in Europe as does his music on European radio.

Click on the link below to preview the chune, and look for it on iTunes soon!

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