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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Latest Release from Dancehall Artist Fuze!

HOTTT New Music!  Fuze – Can’t Stop Mih

If you set a goal to reach a certain destination, or achieve to be the best in your field, can anyone stop you?  The answer is ‘no,’ and that answer is also the basis for which Dancehall artist Fuze sings the chune “Can’t Stop Mih.”

On behalf of all those who are going through obstacles because family is trying to block them, situations in life are trying to block them, or even ‘haters’ are trying to block them, Fuze lets it be known that you will not stop.  Pree the lyrics:

“dem can stop me / no matter how they try / the limit is the sky / dem can stop me / dem nah guh see me fail / forever we ah fly / dem can stop me….”

This song is a 'must add' to the Dancehall selection on your iPod!

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