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Monday, October 24, 2011

Castafari Hits with Up Before Sunrise

Jamaican Reggae and Dancehall artist Castafari is not new to the industry.  Cas, as he is more commonly called, has been performing for the past 15 years, and saw successes with the release of his songs “They Don’t like It,” “100%,” “So Lovely,” and “Steal My Joy.”  Growing over the years, Cas has a new album, new vision and is focused on engaging his fans with his newest single “Up Before Sunrise.”

Taken from his album Just Life, “Up Before Sunrise” speaks for the men in the world who wake up every morning to go to work, and enjoy the company of their significant other before leaving home.  Commenting on the song from Hit Quarters Studios where the artist does the majority of his recording, he said “I wrote this song because there are so many men out there who go to work every day and enjoy intimacy with their wife before leaving through the door.”

Castafari’s slick lyrical play on words has listeners singing the chorus which says:  “up before sunrise / praise the most high / and take a look inna your brown eyes / then I play between both thighs / make a move towards the sunshine….”

Putting visual to the lyrics, the video for the song was shot on location in Vietnam and features Cas as the lead male who sweetly embraces his lady in the morning before setting about on his day.  The video’s director, Andre Collins, was pleased with the final results saying “Vietnam and Jamaica are similar in climate so we achieved what we wanted visually.  The video is natural, which is what we wanted to achieve.”

The video, which can be seen on, or So far the video has been enjoyed by over 5,000 viewers and rapidly growing since its release a few months ago.  Fans can stay up to date with Castafari by following him on Twitter @Castafari


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