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Friday, September 30, 2011

Follow Your Bliss!

Taken from Mastin at The Daily

"The courses of true love never did run smooth."  - William Shakespeare

Last night a friend of mine invited me to a screening of the new movie "Finding Joe" on the Fox Studio lot here in Hollywood.

 It was AWESOME. The "Joe" the title refers to is none other than THE Joseph Campbell.
 If you don't know who Joseph Campbell is, I can guarantee you that you have been influenced by his work. The structure to any movie you've seen lately, the writer most likely borrowed from or was inspired by Campbell's work. Campbell analyzed all the stories of our myths of mankind and came up with and distilled the "The Hero's Journey" pattern and coined the phrase "Follow your bliss" as a summary of his life's work.
 Those three words sum up all the wisdom that I can ever offer you. So - what the heck does this mean, "Follow your bliss"?
 I'll start off by talking about what it doesn't mean.
 It doesn't mean indulging in all the different types of sensual pleasures like overeating, drug abusive, sexual promiscuity, etc.
 Follow your bliss is a sacred call to action for your soul to pursue what makes it happy and what makes it light up. Which means we need to start paying attention to what makes us happy, to the things we do in our lives that make it seem like three minutes has gone by when it's really been hours. We want to do the things that make us feel happy, fulfilled and BLISSFUL. This isn't about getting high, or burying ourselves in consumerism, this is something much deeper.
 Campbell follows up his mantra of FOLLOW YOUR BLISS with the promise that when you follow your bliss doors will open for you where there were only blocks before. It means that each of us have a customized journey that we are being called to join and that if we give this journey a hearty YES, then we will be met with synchronicities and seeming "lucky" moments that guide our path towards eventual fulfillment and bliss.
 Campbell also reminds us that we will have tests, trials and "dragons" to face on our quest. And that these dragons are really our inner fears working against us. This is why I talk so much about fear on TDL, because it really is the only thing holding us back from living the life of our dreams.
 So, what makes you light up? What makes you joyful? Know that you can create a sustainable and thriving life from doing what brings you bliss. What fears are coming up for you when you consider this? What new habits, decision and actions can you take to make your bliss a reality?
 Unplug from the trance of fear that is running most of our world and plug into your bliss, a brand new life is waiting for you.

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